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XperiBIRD.be, an educational network that monitors the nesting of tits at schools across Belgium.

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 Experience the journey from egg to flight!


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07/12/2017XperiLAB Team Private individual
30/10/2017école communale d'Awan-Aywaille School
Cette semaine, nous avons retiré le nichoir pour le nettoyer. Nous avons enlevé le nid et nous avo(...)
01/10/2017Ecole communale de Cheratte-Bas School
Pas de chance cette année ... les mésanges ne se sont plus montrées après les vacances de Printe(...)
21/06/2017Internationale deutsche Schule Brüssel School
Heute haben die Kohlmeisen viel gegessen. Sie haben alle um die Wette gezwitschert und der, der den (...)
21/06/2017Internationale deutsche Schule Brüssel School
Unseren Meisen wird's heiss! Sie sitzen nicht dicht aneinander gekuschelt wie die frühere Brut, son(...)
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Kits have been sent by post !
27/11/2017 - Last week, nearly 70 kits have been prepared and sent by post to schools across Belgium. It is CITECO, a social entreprise who did the handling. What does the k(...)


First edition : watch the video !
21/06/2017 - The first edition of XperiBIRD.be is now over. Relive the experience – from egg to flight – thanks to this video. Your school is not yet equipped with its observation kit? S(...)


The project takes off!
16/02/2017 - The new version of the website is now up and running as of today, and with it comes the ‘User’ section where this year’s participating schools can log in to their account to (...)


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