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Welcome, an educational network that monitors the nesting of tits at schools across Belgium.

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 Experience the journey from egg to flight!


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26/04/2018Basisschool De Linde School
Ons pimpelmeeswijfje legde maar liefst 12 eieren! Tijd voor een timelapse! Let op het einde: als (...)
25/04/2018Ecole Decroly School
:-( Notre mésange a quitté le nid hier matin, les oeufs ne sont plus couvés, on se demande si la (...)
25/04/2018Ecole libre de Nassogne School
Bedankt voor de niews op de blog. We hebben vriendelijk gevonden jullie ervaring in het Frans te (...)
25/04/2018Ecole du Grand Chemin School
Aujourd'hui le 25 avril ,nous avons découvert une petite mésange dans notre nichoir.
25/04/2018Lycée Mater Dei School
La mésange et ses œufs
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Let's go !
12/02/2018 - This is our first foto of the year 2018! This great tit spent the night in the nest box of Provinciaal Natuurcentrum Limburg in Genk! Is your nest box proprely instal(...)


Happy New Year !
20/12/2017 - The team wish you all an happy new year ! We wish that 2018 will be filled with wonder and discoveries ! (...)


Kits have been sent by post !
27/11/2017 - Last week, nearly 70 kits have been prepared and sent by post to schools across Belgium. It is CITECO, a social entreprise who did the handling. What does the kit con(...)


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